Finchley Memorial Hospital is located in a residential area in London, N12. In 2007, NHS Barnet decided to redevelop the existing hospital, which was founded in 1909 and has grown incrementally over the years to meet changing demands, but is now no longer fit for purpose. The project is part of NHS Barnet’s transformation of local health services to meet the future healthcare needs of the community by providing high quality services closer to home thus reducing the reliance on acute hospitals.

The new hospital will provide specialist rehabilitation and intermediate care, primary care services, outpatients’ services, therapies and many other services including a cafe and retail unit. It will also include the Marie Foster Centre, which is a specialist rehabilitation service for people suffering from neuro-degenerative diseases.

A Planning Brief for the new hospital was issued by Barnet Council in June 2007 and in 2008 NHS Barnet bought the Bow Lane playing fields, 9 acres, adjacent to the hospital, from Camden Council. This provided the opportunity to build the new hospital while still keeping the existing hospital in service. The site is almost completely enclosed by housing apart from small open frontages on Granville Road (the existing hospital entrance) and Bow Lane (old pedestrian access point to the playing fields and a pavilion), and there is only one vehicular access point on Granville Road at the northern end.

An initial business plan was prepared in April 2008, a LIFT Stage 1 application submitted in September 2009, and planning permission granted in January 2010; it is hoped that work on site will commence in July/August 2010. The estimated cost of the new hospital is £30 million.