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Membership Fees

Turnover/ Status Standard member rate (inc. VAT) Leader member rate (inc. VAT)
Student/ Sole Trader £150 (£180) N/A
Up to £250k £250 (£300) £1250 (£1500)
£250k-£1m £400 (£480) £2500 (£3000)
£1m-£10m £600 (£720) £3750 (£4500)
£10m-£100m £800 (£960) £5000 (£6000)
£100m-£500m £1000 (£1200) £7500 (£9000)
£500m+ £1250 (£1500) £10000 (£12000)
Academic institutions Fees as above
(based on turnover of relevant department)
Charity/ Non-profit Fees on application

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